CBD Tincture Dosage Guide for Beginners Hyhr Staff November 28, 2022

CBD Tincture Dosage Guide for Beginners

If you’re new to CBD, you may have heard that finding your ideal dose or the appropriate ratio is critical. The most efficient approach to do so is to use a technique known as titration. Titration is the process of gradually increasing your dose over time to achieve the most benefit while avoiding side effects. There is no better way to get a personalized introduction to cannabis wellness than to start with tinctures. You’ll have all the equipment and tips you need, as well as a tincture dose guide and a tincture dosage chart, by the end of this article.

CBD Tinctures for First Time Customers

Tinctures penetrate quickly into your bloodstream when administered beneath the tongue and taken through the mouth, avoiding relatively long wait times for effect. The primary benefit of taking a tincture for first-time cannabis or CBD users is that they eliminate the irritation and side effects associated with combustion or inhalation. To use a tincture properly, place one drop under the tongue at a time and wait 30 seconds before ingesting. The tincture has more time to diffuse into the mouth lining when taken sublingually (under the tongue). Allow 15 minutes between drops to determine your desired dosage, which total dosage you may take all at once with practice. Tinctures can also be used in food, however, they take longer to digest and take effect than edibles.

CBD Drops & CBD Tinctures: How do they work?

To determine your ideal dose, you must first comprehend how CBD and THC interact with your body. Endocannabinoids are produced by the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in each of us. When you use CBD and THC you are assisting your body in maintaining homeostasis, you’re replenishing your ECS with natural phytocannabinoids from the plant. CB1 receptors (most concentrated in the central nervous system and brain) and CB2 receptors (most concentrated in the rest of the body) make up the ECS (abundant in the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and peripheral nervous systems). Cannabis’ natural cannabinoids and phytonutrients interact with these ECS signal receptors to control physiological functions such as appetite, pain sensation, mood, and memory.

Which Tinctures to Use

Which tincture you should use depends upon what effects you are trying to achieve coupled with what you are trying to solve for! In the case of THC tinctures, you may be trying to solve for physical sensations of pain or stress relief. For CBD tinctures you are probably trying to get better sleep, lower inflammation or help reduce stress. 

Here are some of our favorite tinctures by cannabinoid:

THC Tinctures

  1. Care By Design – 40:1 Sublingual Drops: The 40:1 is a great way to start your CBD journey. Whether you want whole-body relief or need some help in the sleep department, this ratio won’t disappoint.
  2. Care By Design – 18:1 Sublingual Drops: The 18:1 is designed for novice or expert cannabis users who are seeking relief.
  3. Care By Design – 1:1 Sublingual Drops: Equal parts CBD to THC, this Care By Design tincture is potent and powerful. It is ideal for unwinding at the end of the day and promoting a restful night’s sleep. It gives a balanced feeling with some psychoactivity.
  4. Absolute Xtracts – Sleepytime Sublingual Drops: ABX Sleepy Time is formulated with potent THC and a supporting blend of terpenes designed to support restful sleep. 

CBD Tinctures

  1. Care By Design Hemp Balance Drops: Care By Design’s Balance line will enhance your health & wellness routine. Experience a feeling of harmony in both your mind and body so you can tune into what matters most to take on your day!
  2. Care By Design Hemp Relief Drops: Relief is formulated to ease the aches and pains of an active lifestyle with the natural botanical powers of Hemp CBD. Care By Design’s Relief line is there for you when you need it most—so you can recover and be your best self!
  3. Care By Design Hemp Uplift Drops: Uplift your mood and focus on what’s most important. Care By Design’s Uplift line is formulated to stimulate your mind & body so you can have a positive outlook and feel on top of your game!
  4. Care By Design Hemp Calm Drops: Made for relaxing after a long day. Care By Design’s Calm line is a great supplement to your daily wellness by harnessing the powers of CBD-rich hemp oil extract. Find your inner calm and find your way back to focusing on yourself!
  5. Care By Design Hemp Rest Drops: Support a healthy sleep cycle with Hemp CBD. Sleep is among the most important things you can do for your body to recover and maintain optimal health and wellness. Care By Design’s Rest line was made for those who want to realize the full benefits of a good night’s sleep!

CBD & THC Tincture Dosage Guide

If you are trying cannabis for the first time here is a step-by-step guide on how to get started, what tinctures to choose, and how to titrate (adjust) your dose to find your optimal canna-wellness routine. 

Step 1: Find the right tincture for your needs.

What you’re treating for will dictate your ratio and dose. Every person’s dose will be different depending on what they are trying to solve. But for first-time cannabis users, we recommend starting with Care By Design’s 40:1 tincture or Care By Design’s Hemp Balance Drops. Both tinctures promote improved health and wellness, can help to reduce inflammation, improve your mood, and are perfect for first-timers.

Step 2: Find Your Optimal Dose & Adjust for Best Results.

Regardless of which tincture you choose you can use this three-week guide to reach the optimal dosage for your needs.


For your first week, a good rule of thumb is to start with the most basic dose of 0.25ml. The most important part of week 1 is to start low and go slow!

Days 1-3: Take 0.25ml of your chosen tincture once in the morning and once at night. 

Days 4-7: Take 0.25ml in the morning. Take 0.50ml in the evening, increasing your dose to prepare for week 2!


Week 2 is all about consistency and maintaining a healthy balance. If you’re treating pain and discomfort and aren’t seeing enough improvement, it’s time to up your dosage. Also, based on your experience, it’s fine to increase or decrease your dose as needed. Depending on the intended effects, you may wish to increase or decrease your dose! This week is also an excellent opportunity to develop a healthy tolerance in your body. It’s fine to reduce your dose to 0.25ml if you’re worried about the effects of THC.  Allow your body to adapt gradually before continuing.

Days 1-3: Take 0.50ml of your chosen tincture once in the morning and once at night. 

Days 4-7: Take 0.50ml in the morning. Take 0.75ml in the evening. Again, notice that you are raising your evening dose here in order to prepare you for an increased dosage in the final week.


The third week is all about patience. It’s crucial to pay attention to your body and how you feel after each dose when attempting to determine THC and CBD. Keep track of your progress. A nice pro-tip is to keep a journal or schedule so you can keep track of the times and amounts that you dose, as well as the effects you feel. This will serve as a starting point for future work.

Days 1-3: Take 0.75ml of your chosen tincture once in the morning and once at night. 

Days 4-7: Take 0.75ml in the morning. Take 1ml in the evening. Now that you have reached 1ml per dose, pay attention to how you are feeling.

Final Step: Reflect and Adjust As Needed

Your ECS is now saturated with cannabinoids, and the complete spectrum of the plant is at work if you followed our guide! Take out your notepad or log and write down what you’ve learned over the last three weeks. How did you react to the doses? Consider this: did I feel any differently now that I’m doing with a tincture? Did my body react positively to the increases? Were the impacts significant or minor? How did I feel before and after each day? You’ll know whether to increase your dose further or switch to a stronger tincture once you’ve answered these questions. 

Ready to Try A Tincture?

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