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Hi. We're Hyhr,

and we change people's lives with our
cannabis & CBD ambassador programs.
Our Mission

To change lives, provide education & safe access to cannabis products, and create real economic opportunity in the cannabis industry for all people.

A Growing Industry Needs a Growth Approach

With the legalization of cannabis comes unprecedented economic opportunity yet the reality is everyday people will never have the access or the means to obtain a cannabis license and participate in this “Green Rush.”  In particular, women and communities of color are vastly underrepresented in the cannabis industry.  That’s why Hyhr created a platform that’s simple and easy to join to provide a platform where ALL people can participate and earn by educating and sharing cannabis and its effectiveness to their network of friends and families.  

Hyhr Ambassadors help those who need it most. One recommendation at a time.​

The cannabis industry is growing now more than ever before, where years ago almost no one knew about THC or its incredible health benefits – now, cannabis has become a popular alternative for athletes, health and wellness-minded individuals, and even people who are looking for a better alternative to manage pain. But with so many products on the market, people can easily become confused and need the right recommendations.

Education and community are difficult to find in the cannabis industry today. That’s why we’ve created an organization that uses education and community-building initiatives at the core of our concept. That’s why we created our Ambassador program to help educate and guide first-time cannabis users towards a positive experience with the best products available. The cannabis plant has so many amazing health and wellness benefits, and we believe it is part of the Hyhr mission to share those benefits with the world.
Our platforms help people get relief from pain, from inflammation, from anxiety, from stress, 1 DOSE AT A TIME.
We partner with top brands to offer trusted, quality products that make a real impact on the lives of our customers. Our brand partners and product offerings are always expanding, which means the Hyhr Ambassador community will be first in line as new products hit the market.

As a Hyhr Ambassador you can make a difference in people’s lives while earning cash rewards! All you need to do is refer & earn:
  • Earn passive income in the form of cash rewards.
  • Help friends get the products they need through personalized recommendations.
  • Challenge stigmas, educate people and create positive experiences.
  • It’s free to join and you can opt out at any time.
  • Be a part of the growing Hyhr community.

1 part influencer,
1 part cannasseur,
100% social entrepreneur.

We all have an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. With cannabis and CBD, you are giving friends, family, and people you know the possibility of living without pain, inflammation, anxiety, or stress. All it takes is to embrace that you have the influence to effect positive change. Each one of us can be an influencer, a part of something bigger. At the heart of each Hyhr Ambassador is the desire to help people, educate them, and provide recommendations that truly make a difference in people’s lives.

Cannabis has the power to help people heal, and Hyhr ambassadors extend that potential by helping people find the products they need!

We believe in responsible adult use of cannabis & CBD.

Values are important. They are the driving force behind our mission. We put our expertise and our passion where our mouths are.
These are the things we put first at Hyhr:

  • Building a community of passionate and engaged individuals
  • Educating about the health & wellness benefits of the cannabis plant
  • Challenging stigmas & holdout rhetoric surrounding cannabis & CBD
  • Helping people find relief through safe access to cannabis & CBD
  • Breaking down barriers of entry to the cannabis industry
  • Creating entrepreneurs & economic opportunity

Hyhr was created in 2019 around the bold idea everyone that everyone deserves a chance to participate in the cannabis industry.

What if you could create a community of passionate cannasseurs with one goal–to help people find the relief that they need most–and what if you could give real people an opportunity to earn rewards and make money while doing it? Answering these questions led us to create the Hyhr Ambassador Program was born. Hyhr brings together real people and provides lifetime rewards for sharing their love of cannabis and CBD with people in their personal network.