HYHR Cannabis Ambassador Program: How it Works Hyhr Staff November 4, 2022

HYHR Cannabis Ambassador Program: How it Works

Hyhr is the first Ambassador Program that partners with top brands like Papa & Barkley to allow cannabis enthusiasts, casual users, and new customers to share the love and healing power of Cannabis with their social circles while earning cash rewards and free products in the process!

Whether you are a Papa’s Champ, a Hyhr Ambassador, or just a casual user–we make sure you and your referrals have access to the best Cannabis products on the market so that you can earn Hyhr rewards!

Here is a step-by-step guide to get you started!

Step 1: Register for an account.

If you haven’t signed up, create an account!

You can register directly on GetHyhr.com or through one of our partner sites, like PapasChamps.com.

When you sign up, you automatically become an Ambassador and can participate in the program immediately.

Step 2: Click the "Ambassador" tab in the menu.

Navigate over to your “Ambassador” profile. This page explains the benefits you will receive by participating in the ambassador program and information on how to use Hyhr bucks.

Step 3: Share your unique ambassador code.

Share your unique HYHR ambassador code with your referrals so you can earn on ALL their future purchases. Your referrals will receive a 20% discount on their first order when using your unique ambassador code.

Step 4: Refer & Earn More!

As you continue to recommend and promote cannabis products from getHYHR to your network, you earn on every purchase your referrals make. Earn more HYHR bucks on the orders of your friends, customers, and family. Redeem your HYHR bucks as cash or as product credit for all your future purchases on GetHyhr.

There’s no limit on how much you can earn!

HYHR Ambassadors Earn More!

Unlike other Ambassador or Affiliate programs that just reward based on the first purchase of a new customer–Hyhr allows Ambassadors to earn on ALL purchases from their referrals.


Use Your Ambassador Code to Refer Your Friends

Your referrals will receive 20% off of their first order when using your unique Ambassador code. You will then earn on every purchase that your referral makes going forward. They only need to use your Ambassador code once! This applies to each new referral you bring to GetHyhr.com, which means the more referrals you bring, the more you earn. It’s easy! You already have an Ambassador account–just share your Ambassador code with new customers and start earning on all their future purchases!

They Win. You Win. Simple as that.

If your friends bring in referrals, then they also earn referral bonuses! For every new person they bring to HYHR, the same benefits apply — there is no limit to how many orders you or they can earn from.

Not an ambassador yet? Learn how to earn!

HYHR ambassadors provide awesome recommendations that meet the specific needs of their customers. Be a voice for your favorite brands and products by becoming a HYHR ambassador today. Visit our registration page to get started.