What Are Hyhr Bucks? How Do I Use Them? Hyhr Staff November 25, 2022

What Are Hyhr Bucks? How Do I Use Them?

Here’s our step-by-step guide to help you find your Hyhr Bucks balance and how to apply them during checkout for cash rewards or product credit.

So, what are Hyhr Bucks exactly?

Hyhr Bucks are reward points. It’s as simple as that.

You earn Hyhr Bucks from the purchases of your referrals. They only need to use your Ambassador code once during their first purchase (with which they’ll receive a 20% discount), and then they are then connected to you! You earn Hyhr bucks on ALL their future purchases. You can then redeem your Hyhr bucks as cash or product credit! Yes, CASH!

How do Hyhr Bucks work?

You earn Hyhr bucks on every purchase from your referrals.

Here is an example:
  • Your referral places an order for $100
  • You earn $8 in Hyhr Bucks
  • Your $8 in Hyhr Bucks can be redeemed for $8 in cash OR $10 in Cannacash product credit.
  • Cannacash provides an additional 2% in rewards and can only be used as product credit on GetHyhr. Limit $100 in Cannacash per order

Unlike most other referral programs that only offer a referral bonus on their first purchase–Hyhr allows you to earn rewards on ALL your referral’s purchases after they use your Ambassador code for the first time! There’s no limit to how much you can earn & this applies to every new customer you bring to gethyhr.com, which means the more they buy, the more you earn.

Share your Ambassador code with friends! Your friends will receive a 20% discount on their first order using your Ambassador code. After using your Ambassador code, they are now connected as your referral. You will earn Hyhr Bucks on all their purchases going forward (they no longer need to use your Ambassador code at check-out). Start earning on all their future purchases! *** Note: Make sure your referral uses YOUR unique ambassador code; otherwise, you won’t get credit for their purchases!

Where do I find my Hyhr Bucks?

Once you log in to your account, go to your Ambassador page and select the Hyhr Bucks tab.

How to use your Hyhr Bucks?

Hyhr Bucks are simple to use!

You will receive Hyhr bucks for every order your referrals make. To check your Hyhr bucks balance, go to the Hyhr bucks tab under your Ambassador profile. There you can view your Hyhr bucks and Cannacash balance.


Hyhr Bucks = your total rewards earned from your referrals that can be redeemed for cash or product credit.

CannaCash = your product credit balance which can be used immediately. (To use, you must convert Hyhr bucks into Cannacash.)

Here’s how to convert:

For Cash, enter the amount of cash you would like to redeem. **you must have a Hyhr balance of $50 or more** Click “Submit”

You will receive a notice from our payout provider, MassPay, that you have cash available for redemption. So keep an eye out for a MassPay notification. **Notifications may be slightly delayed from the time of your Cash Payout request.

Mark your calendars, as Cash Payouts are made every 1st and 15th of the month! month!

For Cannacash, enter the amount of Cannacash you would like to redeem. There is no minimum amount required. Click “Submit” Your Cannacash balance will be updated immediately, and you can use your Cannacash right away for your product order at checkout.

Cannacash pays more! You will receive an extra 2% on top of your Hyhr bucks when you convert to Cannacash. Try it today and redeem for free products!

Want to track your rewards?

It’s easy to do! Simple view your Hyhr bucks history through the “Track Rewards” section on the Hyhr bucks tab

How to use your Cannacash?

You can immediately use your Cannacash balance to redeem product credit at purchase.

Check your Cannacash balance.
Shop for your favorite products
At checkout – enter the amount of Cannacash you want to use for your purchase. ** Limit $100 Cannacash per order
Your Cannacash will be automatically applied to your order total as credit.

And that’s it!

Click continue to place your order, and you’ll receive a confirmation email. Then wait for your order and enjoy!

Ready to use your Hyhr Bucks?

Head on over to our marketplace to get started. If you need further assistance, contact our customer service email at info@gethyhr.com to get help!